10 reasons to choose new-build

30 Jan 2019

See the term ‘new-build property’ and it can form a perception in your mind about the quality of home on offer. Of course traditional builds are considered robust and long lasting, but new builds are equally as durable provided the developer adheres to high architectural standards and construction methods. Brookworth Homes is such as developer. The foundation of every project is a traditional build approach that ensures solidity and durability. Materials are meticulously sourced to harmonise with aesthetic considerations that ensure every new home is fresh, charismatic and contemporary. 

Every new Brookworth Homes development exemplifies our attention to detail from foundation to finish. When choosing your next home, selecting new build not only satisfies your demand for exceptional craftsmanship, visual impression, substantially proportioned interior and exterior space and leading-edge technology, it comes without the burden of upkeep and additional investment needed to maintain older residences and bring them into the modern-age. 

Here are 10 reasons why new build is the way forward for individuals, couples and families who want a ready-made luxury home they can enjoy without taking on a project that requires constant attention.     

1. Peace of mind 

Brookworth new-build properties are constructed and finished to the highest standard. All new build homes are subject to rigorous regulation and testing, so all Brookworth Homes come with a 10-year Checkmate build warranty. New owners can move into a perfectly finished home without the need to invest in maintenance, upgrades or modernisation. This is especially true of luxury properties where older homes can come with inherent liabilities that need time and investment. A new build home comes without concerns that can be associated with more mature properties.  

2. Contemporary design 

New build has come a long way and much more attention is paid to the aesthetic qualities of your new home. Visual impressions affect the way residents feel about their home and their emotional responses contribute to the living experience. Consideration to surrounding landscapes and properties in the proximity of Brookworth developments all impact on the architectural approach to ensure each home reflects the personality and character of the locality.


12 High Trees Road, Reigate, Surrey exemplifies the Brookworth approach. New build properties constructed to exemplary standards and founded on traditional values. 

3. Material consideration

The integration of traditionally sourced and handcrafted materials perfectly fuses traditional detailing with contemporary design. At 12 High trees Road, exterior tiling, bricks, roof tiles and paved areas incorporate authentic natural materials into a modern architectural context that yields a stunning result. This ensures each home is suited to modern residents that appreciate traditional values in a property. Timber framed windows, engineered wood floors and the use of natural materials extend the Brookworth concept of bringing elements of the natural outdoors into your new home. 

4. Energy efficiency

New homes are typically much more energy efficient. According to Energy Performance Certificate data, 8 out of 10 new build properties receive A or B ratings for energy efficiency compared to just 2.2% of older properties. In addition to inevitable reductions in running costs integrated technologies, such as the Lutron energy-saving lighting system, further enhance energy efficiency at 12 High Trees Road.

5. Advanced integrated features

Advancements in construction techniques benefit aesthetic outcomes in many new-builds and, in particular, at 12 High Trees Road. Functional and technological imperatives are now discreetly integrated without upsetting the way the house looks. The driveway is drain-less as its Tegula block-paving is highly absorbent to provide a natural drainage solution. Inside, under-floor heating throughout eliminates the need for traditional wall-mounted radiators to maximise living space without intruding on décor. The Control4 AV control system, Lutron lighting system and the property’s IT systems are unobtrusive to the eye and can be managed from a mobile device to deliver the ultimate in contemporary lifestyle without imposing on the visual quality of the home. 


6. Smart Home Technology

Smart home technology ensures new builds are equipped with life enhancing technologies that are costly and disruptive to install in older homes. Depending on the specification of each development, Brookworth Homes factors in the installation of leading edge Wi-Fi, AV, lighting, entry, security and fire protection systems to deliver advanced standards in luxury lifestyle. See more on our technology blog about the systems at 12 High Trees Road

7. Safety features

Security is paramount and, although 12 High Trees Road is an extremely safe location, the home features strategically positioned CCTV with day and night vision HD cameras that record to SD Card. Conveniently placed panic buttons and, in the unlikely case of fire, smoke detection systems connect to an Alarm receiving Centre to automatically alert emergency response services for absolute peace of mind. The entry system is video-based so any unexpected callers can be pre-screened too.

8. Appliances, fixtures and fittings

Each home is highly specified in every detail as part of each new development concept. At 12 High Trees Road, the impressive air-conditioned kitchen/dining room is equipped with Fisher & Paykel, Miele and Bosch integrated appliances. Bathrooms benefit from Villeroy & Boch sanitary ware and high-end fittings.   

9. Design-led living experience

New build homes, at least those by Brookworth, are no longer regarded as functional living spaces that serve basic needs. At the heart of every new build construction is the living experience. Unlike some new build homes, every Brookworth property allows for proportionate garden space. Every room is considered in terms of proportion, technology and positioning for unsurpassed day-to-day comfort. Brookworth properties are designed to accommodate the lifestyle needs of every occupant from those running businesses, studying, relaxing or at-home parents and for expected family and social functions.

Choosing a new build also helps avoid the legacy of DIY nightmares from previous owners. Moving in to an older property can reveal a multitude of sins hidden when viewing. When pictures, fixtures and furniture are removed you suddenly realise you’ve got a project on your hands as wall coverings, carpets and paintwork all need replacement. New-builds are perfectly finished and usually provide a blank canvas should you wish to impose your personal style on it.

10. Stress management during the moving process    

Brookworth Homes support you through the sales process to make the transition to your new home as seamless and painless as possible. New builds also make life easier as there’s no seller to withdraw from the process, and construction guarantees provide worry-free ownership for a decade.


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